One of our primary missions is to disciple by teaching and leading local leaders in Cambodia to grow in their faith and become more effective leaders in their church, community, and families.   Curtis has been asked by Pastor Kurt to teach Inductive Bible Study at Calvary Chapel Phnom Pehn's School of Ministry.  He will be teaching how to effectively study and teach the Bible in a systematic way using IBS. There have already been two sessions and it's been very fruitful.  Pastor Kurt is teaching on Spiritual Leadership through the book of Nehemiah.  30 students are attending the classes and they are all excited to grow deeper in the Word.  Please pray that the classes would successfully equip them to be efficient leaders and Bible teachers.  Pray that Curtis and Pastor Kurt would have wisdom on what to teach and how to teach it so that each individuals would grow in their faith.  Pray for Curtis and Breanne's church that more strong leaders would emerge from the congregation.